Friday, 29 September 2017

Ubuntu drops 32 bit support

Most of the people come in the world of Linux only to use the Ubuntu OS. Now the big news is coming from the officials that Ubuntu OS images will not support 32 bit hardware.

he main argument for dropping the 32-bit Ubuntu desktop build is that “there is no longer any effective QA or testing of the desktop product on actual i386 hardware”. Shrinking 32-bit userbase is the obvious driving factor here.

Wait! This is not the end of 32-Bit Ubuntu. At least not yet!

Before you jump to conclusions, let me make a few things clear. This is not the end of 32-bit Ubuntu entirely. At least not just yet.
The idea here is to drop the DESKTOP i386 images. The desktop image is what you get by default from Ubuntu’s website.
But there are other variants of the same image. There is net install that lets you install Ubuntu over a network. There is also a minimal install alternative with image size around 60 Mb and consists of only the Ubuntu base. This decision of dropping 32-bit support doesn’t impact these installs, yet.
Also, you can still upgrade your existing 32 bit install to the newer Ubuntu 17.10.
So ultimately, you won’t get the default Ubuntu 17.10 32-bit ISO from its website. You’ll have to resort to the minimal ISO and the net install. Both of these are not straightforward install and do not allow a live preview.
To summarize:
  • Only 32-bit Ubuntu desktop builds are being removed
  • 32-bit net install option is still available
  • 32-bit minimal ISO is still available
  • Upgrade from older 32-bit Ubuntu versions still available
  • Other official Ubuntu flavors such as Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu etc have not dropped 32-bit support yet

32-bit support will continue to fade away

Ubuntu is not the only one to show its unwillingness to support 32-bit. Manjaro Linux had dropped 32-bit support earlier along with Arch Linux. Newer Linux distributions like Nitrux and Antergos never had a 32-bit option.
On top of that, many application developers have also stopped support for 32-bit systems. Google Chrome is one such example. New Skype for Linux also doesn’t support 32-bit Linux.
Considering that the last 32-bit system was manufactured probably more than 10 years away, it is only natural that the support for older hardware goes away gradually. Which brings us to the burning question: are we looking at the end of 32-bit Linux?

Surprise anyone?

While it may not come as surprise to everyone, I was taken aback by the news of Ubuntu dropping 32-bit desktop builds.
The reason is that I was at UbuCon Paris earlier this month. And there was a particular discussion about 32-bit support. Dustin Kirkland, VP of Product Development at Canonical, had specifically ensured that Ubuntu will continue 32-bit support at least till 2021.
He might not be wrong here because Canonical has not dropped the 32-bit Ubuntu support entirely. Ubuntu should be continuing the 32-bit support for existing LTS release but the same cannot be said about the upcoming releases.
Quite obviously, there won’t be more 32-bit support for the upcoming Ubuntu releases. It would be interesting to see how other Ubuntu flavors handle this. Considering that minimal install is still supporting the 32-bit support, I think that some Ubuntu flavors like Lubuntu and Xubuntu would continue providing 32-bit desktop ISO.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Bill gates is an android user

Bill Gates, the world's richest man and the owner of Microsoft. Recently he said in fox news interview that "I just switch to an android phone with all Microsoft apps"

there are some other things he said that " Steve jobs were my good friend but I have never used an iPhone in my life before android I was using windows phone".

This is a good news for the android dev because world richest man with his world famous OS windows. is also using Android platform.

Microsoft started selling the Samsung Galaxy S8 handset in its retail stores earlier this year, and it includes apps like office, OneDrive, Cortana, and Outlook. Any android phone conjointly supports these apps, however Microsoft’s customized S8 does recommend the company might continue to offer this for other android devices in the future.
While Gates is shift to android, he’s still not curious about an iPhone. Gates splendidly banned iPhones and iPods at home in the past, however he does admit that Steve Jobs was a “genius” in the Fox interview. Gates remains using Windows-based PCs, however he’s still not shift over to an iPhone, despite the Steve Jobs praise.


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

macOS High sierra is vulnarable

Every body knows about the apple the it most reliable operating systems like mac-OS but the version of mac which is known as high sierra is not so a update there are some vulnerabilities added in the update and a hacker found it in that update.
by this vulnerabilities hacker can steal all your password which is stored or running in high sierra.

according to the researcher Patrick wardle, he was able to run an unsigned and unauthentic app in the new OS update that could steal plain text passwords. he posted evidence in twitter and included a link to a video the app name is "keychainStealer"
He later said "I discovered a flaw where malicious non-privileged code (or apps) could programmatically access the keychain and dump all this data .... including your plain text passwords,

He also notice that the EI CAPTAIN is also vulnareble as well which is the previous version then sierra.

but it is not so easy for hacker also he said "first we have to infect the targeted computer and then we can do some thing to that computer"

there is also a video on vimeo of that vulnerability 

Steal y0 (macOS) Keychain from patrick wardle on Vimeo.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

New Version for USB 3.2

USB-CFriends you might already know quite a lot of about USB (UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS). The usb is very common in today's life but you don't know about the new version of USB which is USB v3.2.

There are various type of USB like USB TYPE A, TYPE B, TYPE C
and it is also categorized in various connectors like mini connector, micro connector.

but the type c connector is the unique in all of them because it is reversible or it can work in either direction you don't have to check the connector before inserting it in the device.

by the below image you can see the pins in type c is a lot more than any USB type.
So it can carry more information through the wires.

The version 3.1 is the latest till now but the news is coming that the new version of USB is launched.

The Predecessor of the USB v3.2 IS 3.1 and it has a maximum speed of data transfer is 10 Gbps (gigabit per second).

but the latest 3.2 version will double the amount of data in one second or the speed will increase two times and the speed will become 20Gbps (gigabit per second).

The concept of this version is known as multi lanes because the lots of pins in type c the data transfer will divide equally in the lanes and the speed will increase.

and there is no need to change the cable for using the v3.2 but you have to wait till the manufacturers implement v3.2 supported host.

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Use your android phone as a secondary monitor

If you are web developer or designer or you are a twitch streamer or youtube game streamer .you have to care of your live chat during the gaming session or on the developer side you have to edit the program and you have to watch the output of that program. you need a second monitor, except it doesn't give the real monitor experience but it gets your work done.

so in this post, I am going to show you some easy step to convert your android phone or tablet as a secondary monitor.

you can use it to mirror your screen or extends the display.

So let's get started

the first thing you have to download the space desk.and install the setup.
The installing Procedure will look like this and some extra steps will come for the firewall permission's 

After installing the driver software, reboot the computer and after that download a small application in the android from play store.SpaceDESK
after installing the app you have to open the app and your PC must be listed in the app if not then watch the wifi connection you are connected to and connect with wifi in which your PC is connected.
after that, tap the connect and it will automatically connect itself as extended display or as the secondery monitor like the below image

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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Top 5 free to play FPS steam games

We know we all like to play games but most of them are paid triple (AAA) titles and most of us use pirated games but they are not fully functional and lacks online connection and updates.
So in this post, i am going to post some interesting and entertaining games for FPS(FIRST PERSON SHOOTER) LOVER.

The mentioned games were played by me and the order of the games is according to my experience.


This game is my personal favorite because of the game mechanics and the large community.frequent updates. the graphics of the game is better any other free to play fps.
The Developer of the game is CRYTEK who made "Crysis series". We all know that Crysis is one of the best selling games in the market.and warface is one of the best in the free to play section. 

2.Dirty Bomb

This game is very good and fast paced.this games is developed by splash damage.the game is class based shooter like battlefield and warface. this game is not like military combat.
the graphics of game is very good.
and it consist many gamemode like free for all, plant the bomb, team death match.

3.Heroes and General

This game is based on the world war between germany and usa. the game gives you the feel of battlefield 1.because of its world war battle.the game has massive amount of  players and huge community .the game is developed by the reto-moto.

4.TeamFortress 2

i am not a big fan of this game but it is a very popular game, it has a unique cartoony theme.many characters in the game for the different playing style 
the developer of this game is steam.

5.Line of Sight

I have played this game before warface.the game is pretty cool and fast paced. the graphics is very good by the tint and shaders of game dull the colours of the game .the gameplay is good.but very sensitive to high ping.we can say this game is ripoff call of duty modern warfare.
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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Best programming editors for windows | Dynamo Hack

If you are a programmer then you know that what is the need of good programming editor in the field of programming. The good programming editor is the key to professional looking programs which easier to understand and give us full perspective over the code.

so in this post, we are going to mention some of the best programming editors for windows
with the download link.

1.Eclipse IDE ----------Download here


I placed Eclipse at first because it is a text editor with the full support of compiling and run the program from inside it. it is useful for Java language because to compile java program we have to open the command prompt.

2.SublimeText IDE ----------Download here

Sublime Editor

I placed SublimeText at Second because of this editor. the rates of error during the coding and compiling get reduced because of its nice user interface, nice text layout of code, it can be used for different languages.

3.Notepad++ ----------Download here


Notepad ++ is the most popular programming editor, 8 out of 10 people know about it, because of its versatility and custom command by pressing single button can compile and execute the programs written in it. it supports almost all language.

There are ton of editors on the internet but the above-mentioned Programming editor is the best from the rest

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tor browser download for windows

Do you ever heard about deep web or dark web if not then you will be shocked that 95% of the internet is deep web and dark web combined only the left 5 % is surface web. which consist facebook, twitter, google , youtube.

so this post will tell you how you can install tor browser and surf the deep web and dark web (i am not responsible for any illegal activities made by you) .

so lets first look at this terms :-
the deep web is the section of the internet which is not indexed on google search cant find any thing in google from deep web.

the dark web is the section of the internet which is used by the criminals for illegal activities like drug dealing, guns, and ammunition smuggling.(i don't suggest you to surf  this section of internet because of high risk and vulnerabilities)

now step wise installation of tor browser:-

Step 1: - download the tor browser(51.8 Mb)

Step 2: - Select the operating system and language for downloading.

Step 3: - after downloading the setup.
Step 4: - run the setup of tor browser.
Step 5: - Select the language.

Step 6: - Select the Directory to install

Step 7: - let it install

 Step 8: - Tick the CheckBox as per you Preferences

Step 9: - Click Connect and wait for few seconds or minutes to load the onion router.

you can also watch the tutorial video 

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